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January 2, 2012

Why I Blog — 2012

Filed under: .NET,blogging,C# — Larry Parker @ 6:57 pm

I’d like to wish the readers of my blog a very happy New Year and much success in 2012.

I thought I’d take a few minutes to reflect on why I blog.  After all, I don’t get paid for it.  I haven’t written any books, I don’t speak at conferences, and blogging is not part of my job.  Actually, I’m pretty much a no-name in the industry.  Just another C# coder swimming in the vast sea of technological talent. 

So why do it?

Well… it’s because I like it.

Actually, I like programming more, but when I come across something really challenging at work and solve it, or when I learn about a new technique that I find really useful, I find that writing about it enhances my understanding of the subject.

So maybe blogging is a selfish thing.  🙂

But actually, I truly appreciate when someone teaches me something new that helps me in my job (whether it be a colleague, an author of a book, or another blogger) and I find it rewarding when I publish a blog post and someone learns something from it, solves a problem, etc.  And it’s even more rewarding when someone leaves me a note to thank me.

So maybe that’s another selfish aspect of blogging.  I like being thanked for helping someone out. 😉

Anyway, enough reflections on blogging and my place in the blogosphere.  If you’ve read this far, I hope you like my blog and you’ve found my posts to be useful.  I can’t promise to post every week (it’s tough with a day job), but I hope to continue enough to keep this blog useful and enjoyable for both you and me.

Have a great 2012!!!


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