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August 31, 2010

VS 2008 to VS 2010 Solution Conversion Bumps

Filed under: .NET,C#,Software Development,Visual Studio — Larry Parker @ 1:22 pm

My team just branched our codebase’s trunk into a sandbox for some .NET 4.0 prototyping.  The previous solution was in VS 2008, so when I opened it up in VS 2010 it brought up the conversion wizard and proceeded to convert the projects.

But after running through our 100 projects it gave me an error message (unfortunately hidden behind the foreground windows) that the solution file was read-only and could not be converted.

I’m surprised that Visual Studio didn’t ask me to check out the file, because our trunk was branched under TFS and my VSTS client was attached to the TFS server.

So I opened up the solution again from VS 2010 and this time the wizard did ask me to check out the files as it converted them.

But then another bump in the road.  This time it could not convert my unit test projects because the .vsmdi and .testrunconfig files were read-only.  Why didn’t VS ask me to check out those files?

The solution to this problem was to locate the unit test projects in Solution Explorer and just reload them.  If you run into this, just right-click on the project, select Reload Project, and then click through the conversion wizard prompts.

This did the trick, so for the most part the conversion was fairly painless, although not without a few bumps.  When is software development truly ever a smooth trip?  🙂

The next step will be to target .NET 4.0 in the projects and rebuild.  Next hill to climb…

Hope this helps.


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