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July 2, 2009

System.Threading.Thread Constructors Tip

Filed under: .NET,C#,Software Development,Visual Studio — Larry Parker @ 11:48 am

Just a quick tip when calling any of the constructors for System.Threading.Thread.  Many examples (including the MSDN documentation) explicitly create a ThreadStart (or ParameterizedThreadStart) instance and pass that into the constructor:

void DoIt()
    Thread thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(DoWork));

void DoWork()

This is of course totally fine, but you can save a couple of keystrokes by just passing in the method name itself:

void DoIt()
    Thread thread = new Thread(DoWork);

This compiles to the exact same IL code (you can see this for yourself using Reflector or some other utility).

I just find it a bit easier than instantiating an object, and the code is easier to read as well.

Hope this helps!


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